Landlord Representation

It’s safe to say that many, if not all building owners want to lease or sell their property quickly and for the most amount of money. Here are some of the ways Oxbow Real Estate is different in helping our clients achieve this objective:


Broker Opinion of Value (BOV)

This is an abridged alternative to the lengthy and expensive appraisal. This is a service provided free of charge to our clients, and many clients find it invaluable when establishing a real-market baseline of what their property is worth.

Although the BOV cannot be used formally with lending institutions, it’s a resourceful way of getting a strong understanding of what your building is worth for sale and/or for lease.


Maximum Exposure

Oxbow Real Estate is a competitive alternative to the larger commercial real estate companies. We have the same databases and access to marketing materials and the brokerage community, yet we are free of cumbersome processes that can take weeks to get turned around, such as marketing materials, sign orders and updates.